New Miracle Oils (Part 2 Balancing Oil)

Now it’s time to talk about the Balancing Miracle Oil! This oil was formulated with you oily/acne-prone babes in mind. I think most people are starting to realize that oil can be a really powerful tool when it comes to combating oil and combating acne. Our skin needs moisture, and nourishment. More times then not when you have oily skin or acne you are being pushed drying, damaging skin care products that end up causing more harm.

So why does this oil work so well for oily skin? Studies have shown that people with oily/acne prone skin tend to lack in Linoleic acid, and when its introduced back to the skin their oil calms down and the acne starts to reduce. So this blend is FULL of oils high in linoleic acid. It is also amazing at helping the skin repair and heal. So lets dive into the ingredients!

To view the listing for the Balancing Miracle Oil click here.

Safflower Oil- This oil is very silky and moisturizing. This oil breaks up impurities in the skin and blackheads. Absorbs very well into the skin.

Jojoba Oil- This oil (it’s actually a wax) mimics the skins natural sebum. When you are oily its because of some sort of imbalance in the skin, and a lot of times you are actually dehydrated so your skin over-compensates. So an oil that mimics this natural occurring oil in your skin can only mean good things at balancing the situation out.

Grape Seed Oil- Very high in vitamin E. This oil tightens, moisturizes, reduces redness and inflammation, and accelerate the healing of acne.

Hemp Seed Oil- This oil is super good for sensitive skin. People with acne tend to have sensitive skin. Hemp seed oil really helps with inflammation, is very balancing and moisturizing.

Black Cumin Seed Oil- This oil is super high in antioxidants. It is really great for breaking up scar tissue and its also a great anti-aging oil.

Evening Primrose Oil- Improves the cellular structure of the skin. It reduces inflammation and promotes elasticity.

Sacha Inchi Oil- If you are a picker this is a great oil for you. This oil really helps speed the healing time and calms down any aggravation on the skin. It helps strengthen the skin long-term and really moisturizes while soothes and calms.

Essential Oils in the Balancing Miracle Oil:

Tea tree- This oil is very purifying and is probably one of the most popular spot treatments for acne. Kills bacteria and calms redness.

Lavender- Calming, balancing, and anti-bacterial.

Clary Sage- Helps with irritation and is very soothing.

Juniper Berry- Anti-bacterial, Antiseptic, Astringent, and very detoxifying.

Some of these essential oils could cause premature labor, so I don’t recommend using this oil while pregnant, but as always check with your doctor.

Some of the essential oils in here don’t have the greatest reputation in the scent department. This blend, while I tried to balance the smell, has a more potent and strong smell but it goes away within seconds after you put the oil on your skin. I personally do not like the scent, but I am completely fine slathering this all over my face. Several people have told me they love the smell, so it’s all personal preference obviously.

SO since using this oil blend, my hormonal break outs are now just about nonexistent. My skin is so calm with absolutely no redness every single morning. Several people have told me their oily skin is no longer an issue and their acne is going away. I can’t wait to see how many more people this oil will help!



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