Beauty Guru

Confession: I am a skin care “junkie”! I am often called a skin care/beauty guru and am known for trying anything and everything when it comes to skin care and beauty. I am however, pretty picky about what I do try. If it’s clearly just not good for me, I won’t try it. I am always testing products from amazing brands that are sold in major retailers. My number one rule that I made for myself is this. If my product doesn’t take top shelf over all the of the similar products I have in my collection, I won’t sell it to you. It is so important to me that my products are something that I adore and really WANT to use on a daily basis.  I rarely use anything other than the Blissful Body Butter and lotion. The Miracle Beauty Oil is my favorite thing ever in all honesty, and my stash of other high end beauty oils never gets touched. The nourishing lip balm is on my night stand and it doesn’t go a day or night without being used.

Why the Standard?

I created this standard for myself and my company because it is so important to me that as this company grows, the quality is never forgotten. I started this business to make moisturizers that worked and I would love to use, so that is the standard  this business will continue to have as grow. We specialize in products that do really work and help our body’s naturally.

Body Knows Best

I am a firm believer that our bodies know what’s best for us. In my opinion, our skin care and nutrition should never ever go against what the body already naturally; it should only assist the body. As a massage therapist, this was something I lived by: massage doesn’t “heal” the body, but is an assistance to the body’s natural way of healing itself. The same goes for my skin care line. The ingredients I use are going to naturally assist the skin to regrow, repair, and re-balance itself as well as impart vital and essential nutrients that the skin so desperately needs.